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Airbag Light


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:blushing: I just replaced a repaired instrument cluster and the airbag light in the instrument panel stays on. I also replaced the cluster with the battery connected. Does anyone know how to reset the sensor, or must I take it to a Lexus dealer. It's a 1993 LS 400 with 77,000 miles. I already disconnected the battery hoping to reset the computer.
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you may have bought the car with the light always on

but burned out so the new cluster is showing it to you know

there is a fuse for the computer to rest but

you really shouldn't have changed it with the battery connected

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I too had a guage repair, (twice actually) and found that each time you disconnect the gauges, and then re-connect, it lights the air bag light. My lexus dealer re-set it for free...If you can believe it!. If you bring the car into a dealer, make sure you tell them to just RE-SET the air bag light, not diagnose the "problem" ( you know what caused it). This should keep the cost to a minimum. Good luck!

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