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Valve Cover Oil Leakage


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I was told by the Lexus service guys that there's oil leakage through the valve cover of my car's valve cover. It will cause smell from burning oil and, obviously, oil leakage. But there will be no other danger. The repair cost will be ~$950. Advice from you experience?



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what year is the Es300?

....I work on 92 es300(my mom and dads)...i have done a few valve cover gasket replacements on these motors(same motor....as far as i know....as camary 92 V6) and advise that whoever does it will replace:

1. both valve cover gaskets

2. run a small bead of toyota(lexus?) black sealer around cam seals

(i think toyota service manuals recommends this also)

3. replace ALL the rubber gromets/washer for the 10mm or 12mm (its been awhile) bolts that hold down the valve cover

hope this helps alittle...

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i like your name wifenboys


the engine is the same up to 93 but

amyc didn't say what year

950 seems very high for a valve gasket

better off getting the valves adjusted and they will put a new gasket in when replacing it

which maybe they are already incorporated into the price

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