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92 Es300:cold Air Only Coming Out Of Center Vents

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Have never had this problem before:

when ac is running, cold air only comes out the two center air vents. The other four vents are blowing "warm-ambient" air.

My guess is something to do with the air ducts behind the dashboard--->I don't want to take the dashboard out if not neccessary.

Any advice.....???

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"cold air only coming out of center vents" was one of my first complaints/symptoms before my a/c stopped blowing cold air altogether. i've told the story quite a few times somewhere else, but basically, i think the expansion valve was stuck in the end.

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the motor may be faulty.

with the temp on at 26 and just sit and listen you will hear a small motor noise behind the dash every so often.. this controls the temprature in the car.. this open and closes the valves... i reckon the motor is stuck

hope that makes sense

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with the key off

press the auto and recirc button together and then turn the ley forward

it will go into diagnostic mode

after it checks all the lights it will show codes on the display if any

post what they are and check the manual to see what it says

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  • 4 weeks later...

it took me awhile but I finally got a chance to check out the ac problem again....

1. the motor for the vents are working ok...I can see(under driverside dashboard)/hear the motor moving when changing vent "modes".

2. I check for codes holding down auto and recirc....

a. the only numbers I saw were 00-flashing on the screen steadily

b. while in diagnostic mode I pressed the recirc again and it ran from codes "20-29" running all the test that it needed to properly...as far as I can tell.

3. I checked the reservoir "sight glass" while ac was running and I can see the "stream" of freon moving by without it clearing up. Isn't the stream suppose to clear up after a while or am I wrong?

My next step: Have a shop put dye in the system to check for leaks.

Any more advice? :D

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following the kiss rule

(keep it simple stupid)

i am refering to me

but did you check the position of the manual flap under each side vent

the round thing that rotates left or right

just thought

00 is normal

doesn't seem to be a code for 20 or 29

oh sorry iread some more and you put it into actuator check mode where it checks each cuircit

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