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Engine Hesitates Then Pops

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I have a 98 gs400 with a few mods and i have already ruled out the mods as the problem.My problem is that from a stop when i hit the gas it is a little hesitant then it makes a pop like is miss.(sounds like a muffled firework)the car runs great 99% of the time this is the only prob and it rarely happens 3 times last summer and now a little more will only happen from a stop and i have to get into it a liitle for it to happen.I was told by some guys at SRt and a couple dealers it probably has something to do with the drive by wire .(and for the record it has a drive by wire and a throttle cable)I was told maybe a Throttle lever sensor or a pedal position sensor.has anyone had this problem or seen it and what do you think.Also ive performed all the maintenance.

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try replacing your plugs and wires if that doesnt help your coils might be going out in your ignition it sounds like your car is detonating to me and that could spell disaster for your engine take it to the dealership as soon as possible after you tell them about the things above tell them your car might be running too lean they'll understand what that means and correct your computer.

if you have any questions my e-mail is

hope you get it figured out

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