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Parts To Replace At 100k?


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I was going to take in a '91 LS400 to get the cap and rotor changed out, but the mechanic recommended me to change a lot more things (he's not going to charge me more since he has to take apart the engine anycase).

He recommended me to change:

Timing Belt,

Water Pump,

Thermostat & Gasket,

Power Steering Belt,

Alternator Belt

My car is at about 90k. Do you think this is a good idea? I know I should change the Timing Belt, but the rest I'm not sure when the need changing.

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All of those are big wear issues on the LS, basically what he's telling you is now while he's in there he should go ahead and do the other work. I'd be inclined to agree, especially if he isn't going to charge you more (labor I assume)...

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