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Es300 '93 125k

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I was looking to get a used car, saw a ES300 '93 ad for $7,000 OBO. It has done 125K miles, black, leather, manual, alpine 6 cd changer. This is my first car so I have no clue as to how to proceed....

Now for the q's....

1. What is the normal life of the engine/transmission?? Is 125K little high??

2. Any specific things I need to check before buying?

3. How do I find a mechanic near the sellers place to do a 150/300-point inspection....

Thanks in advance....



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$7,000 is a little much.

I got a 92 with 120,000 for only $5,500. You should look around more. Go to craigslist.org, and find a place near you. They always have a lot of cars.

When you look over the car, check the dashboard, and check the arms to make sure they are not flickering. Also, check the vloume knobs. These two things were messed up in mine.

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I Agree. I got a 92 Lexus with 99K miles and all service done at the dealer for $5,000. The instrument gauge was dimmer than normal (I can live with that) and the CD Changer does not work (yet, but I can fix that). Other than that and some minoe cosmetic issues, it works great. Take it to PepBoys who do a full inspection for 24.99 (tell them EBAYMOTORS referred you for that price). Good luck and have fun!

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