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Timing Belt

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I am at the 90K mile mark on my SC 300. is this the time to have the timing belt replaced, or does this not apply to this model? I checked the owner's manual and it only refers to the 400 at this juncture. Please advise.

I would like to know how to change out the foggy headlight lens, Anyone done this? Also how do you handle condensation build up in the rear tailights. I've changed the seals.

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The timing belt needs to be changed every 60,000 miles. I can get the procedure if needed but alot of components need to be removed for this job. Care must be taken not to lose any critical set points. But the DIYer can do it themselves.

The headlight has three bolts holding it in. I can also get the information on dealing with the foggy headlight issue. But there is a thread here with that info and a very good write up in the faq if you follow the link to www.intelexual.net .

Good luck. :)

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