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LOC has members of every age from 16 to 70...they're all here!

Change that to: LOC has members of every age from 16 to 72...they're all here! :P

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I'm 31. I was 16 in 1989, right about when the first Lexuses came out. Couldn't afford one then, I got a hand me down Porsche 914 instead. Been through a lot of cars through the years -

84 Nissan 300ZX

86 Toyota MR2

85 BMW 320i

a big blue chevy van conversion (with the bed in the back!)

94 Honda Accord LX

96 Chrysler Sebring Conv. JXi

95 Yamaha FZR600R

96 LS400

92 SC400

97 LS400 (after the other LS got totaled on the freeway when someone got a flat and sideswiped me)

98 GS400

The RX is my wife's car.

I thought 31 was so freakin' old when I was 17. But it seems like just the other day.

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wow.......i would think lexus owners would be older =D more power to us youngins hahaha i guess you can say we're upgrading from the crap integras and 240 *not saying they're crappy it's just everyone has them -_-*

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Teens driving Lexus? Oh my Lord! I drove Honda Civic (USED) when I was your age.:chairshot:

I couldnt find any civics that we're a good deal for less than my lexus... my car was nowhere near expensive

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17 too. my first car was a POS 94 mazda 626 5spd. it was a money pit. i bought it for $2500, put about $3000 into it, and sold it for $2000 which i was part of my down-payment for my LS.

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I have underwear older than most of you !!!

I'm 43... an old man in the forum !!! If you think time flies at 25 wait till your in your fourties.

OK, first car was a 68 Volvo station wagon ("the love wagon"), second was a 71 Chevy Chevelle (I miss that muscle car, lost it in a flood), third a 80 corolla, then a 93 Voyager, a 99 Corolla and now a 01 Lexus ES300. Worked my way up none of this 17 year olds with Lexuses.

Later, George

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I bought mine due to the economical aspect. Not only do you get the prestige of owning a Lexus, but you get the reliability along with cheap cross-referenced Camry parts! What a deal!

It's cool, 'cause I live in a small town and no one else in my town of 6000 people has an ES300 B) People think it is an expensive car, when really, it was cheaper than lot of the Accords and Civics out there :P



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