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Es 300 Shift


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i can't remember if you have an overdrive button on the shift knob

is not then there are a few option

if there is one then there are only a couple of them

mainly a company called levloc they make some shift knobs

but i find them very big and ugly

don't match with the car but atleast have a button

is yours that worn out?

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I checked with lexus dealer, the original shift knob will cost me around $180. I may buy it.

But I was looking for a leather cover, so I can put it on it, but could not find one. The top of the knob's leather is worn out.

Thank you all.

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$180 is actually quite reasonable.

You wouldnt be able to put the cover on yourself, you'd have to send the shifter off to somehwere like American Stitches.

I'd just buy it from Lexus.

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