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How To Us Avitar

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Greetings - shrink your picture using ms paint or a similar program to 100 by 100 pixels. Save it as a jpeg. Then go to My Controls in the upper right hand of your screen. Look on the left side and there is selection for avatar. Click there and upload the 100 by 100 pixel jpeg and you should be set. If you have any more trouble - go to the site help/suggestions forum and someone may be able to do it for you. Good luck. ;)

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Definitely save it as a JPEG(.jpg). I'm not sure if the GIF is enabled on this forum, but once you've shunk it to size, I would also recommend you uploading your original image to the CLub Gallery. Don't forget to save the original under JPEG (.jpg) otherwise you might get one of those errors you mentioned.

Thanks and welcome to the Forum.

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