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Stereo Modifications

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Hey guys, I'll just start by saying, this is a really handy forum. Thanks. :)

My question: I have the standard stereo that comes with a 93 Es 300, to which I'm wanting to add an amp and two subs. I've been advised that as these don't have an rca output, I'm not able to add an amp with out a measureable drop in quality.

I'm also fairly cautious about just changing the head unit, as the one I have, is quite good.

Does any one know of a HU with rca out, that would fit my car (e.g. later Es300 stereo)?

Or does anyone else have another solution?


- Gav

P.s. I've also noticed a vibration in the back two speakers (I've given them a fair workout since buying it) Being that it's happening with both of them, I'm tending to believe it's a vibration rather than distortion. Can anyone help here?

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there are no rca's on your deck


the stock amp is inder the passenger front seat

also none on any newer oem

or any oem stereo that i know of

there are replacement face plates to place any deck you would like

you can have line adapters to change the speaker output to an rca one but will sound distorted if bought for 12 dollars

there are some that cost 150 and are beautiful i used them in my es before i changed the head

the speaker might be blown but unless you remove them or look under the parcel shelf to check them there is no way of knowing

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Thanks mate. Is there anything I can do with the current amp??

And yeah, on a closer inspection, there apears to be a split in the cone of the 6x9s so I'll prob just put in 7x10s for now. Unless anyone objects....

- Gav

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i dopn't think anyone would object

it is your car and you could put fairy and disco lights for all it matters


but i think you meant for fitment

i am not sure as i changed my es speakers in 98

i know 6x9 fit well


and hope this helps

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I have a 1992 es300 and i recently added one 12" sub. I kept the stock deck because I didn't want to mess around with the stock setup. I used a speaker to rca converter and i think it sounds really good. I added a 600 watt alpine amp and a 12" kicker sub. There is no sub controll but i just turn down the bass on the deck

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Ah ok, cool. Did that mean you had to give up existing speakers for the sub? Or did you split the signal?

lol@fairy lights, I just might look into that... The reason I asked is that (if it's not already obvious) I'm not all that cluey on stereo's and wasn't sure if the quality of speakers I'd be putting in would be of way less quality...

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