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2004 Ls-430 Info?


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I've read some discussions about a new exterior appearance for the 2004 LS-430, but I was wondering if anyone had any insight into the interior/exterior changes that can be expected? Most of the details in the article talked about new headlamps and all wheel drive.



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Well, I know Lexus. I've heard people spout some pretty grandeouse changes for 2004, but I dont see it happening. Basically what we're going to see is a mid design refresh, similar to the differences between the 97 and 98 LS400s. We may see some engine and drivetrain changes, but they'll be slight. I dont think we'll see AWD as an option next year. So you can probably expect a new front fascia (headlights, grille, bumper, hood) perhaps a rear lamp freshening, probably wont be any sheetmetal changes in the rear. New wheels for sure, 17 inch standard, maybe an 18 inch option. Perhaps a sport package, new seat options, colors and wood choices, nothing more than that.

Now, in 2006 the car is slated for a total redesign, there's where you'll see any big engine changes, AWD things of that nature.

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