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Fog Lights


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Hi all,

I have a 98 ES300 and noticed under my bumper i have what looks like 2 lights. i'm assuming they are the fog lights. how do i turn them on? anyone know?

Thanks. for any info! I don't have a user manual so i can't look it up...

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The fog lights should go on when you have the lower beam headlights on and you have the fog light switch on. They would go out if you have the upper headlight beam on. If that doesn't work it may be a burned out fog light fuse or burned out bulbs.


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look on the left stalk of the steering wheel

do you notice the headlight switch on the outer part

well a little more toward the wheel there is a small bezel wheel with a little light with its beam facing down

that is for the fog lights

they will only turn on if the headlights are all the way on

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