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Check Engine Light With O/d Light Blinking


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After buying a 1994 ES 300 with 80,000 miles, about a month later the check engine light came on together with the "O/D Off" light flashing. Turns out there was some serious problems with the differential and torque converter. I had all these fixed, however after picking up the car the same lights have come on. The mechanic is baffled and keeps trying things to no avail. Has anybody had this happen to them? Any ideas as to how to cure this problem would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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the o/d light usually flashes when the t/c has a problem such as not disengaging

now you say he fixed it ?

did he repair the old unit?

get a rebuilt one?

or rebuild your old one?

it may be a simple plug unplugged

or if rebuilt it may be a camry one which is similar but it should contain a different valve body

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Thanks for the help. It appears that a previous Lexus dealership that performed work on the transmission put in a camry transmission pump that was too short to engage the torque converter. Any ideas as to how I may get remibursed for the rental car fee (now over 300) and the correct part along with the damage the wrong part caused??

Are all lexus dealerships owned by one large corp or individually owned. I always wondered this as the dealership is "Lexus of Orlando" as opposed to XYZ Luxus.

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talk to the general manager of the dealership that performed the work. inform him that you are prepared to take it to small claims court if they do not settle up for the inconvience it has caused you. If that doesn't work, (if you have a friend that is a lawyer, consult them) present the dealership with a "30 day letter".

If that still doesn't work, take them to court.

They won't stand a chance cause all your expenses were due to their neglegance.


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stevie is right do that

give head office a call also

they will probably give em ****

and help you more as they usually don't stand for anything sub par

i just got a free oil change from them

because they sent me gas and the driver tried to tell me i had to pay $5

they said they update all driver and even said thanks

so you never know

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