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I was wondering if anyone had a gs300 lightly modified.. such as System + Drop + Rims..

maybe it can be considered heavy.. but yea . haha ^^ and can you kindly tell me how much money was invested into your car?

i'm thinking about getting a System first then slam my car... help help!! hehe

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well i have my coilovers and tires home but my wheels haven't come yet, so i can't help u as far as look with 20's slammed but i can tell u $ . it really all depends on what style u like? cus wheels vary, usually good wheels start at around 2800.00 just wheels 4 a good set of 20's but they can 4 go as high as 5000.00. mine where 3400.00 just wheels(zauber gettins chrome 20x8.5 front -20x10 rear) the tires will b around another 1100.00 to 1300.00. but i'm talking 20's if u want lower sized wheels , they would less but i'm not sure about 19's prices. drop , again depends on what u want springs start around 250.00 but coilovers which is the best way 2 go imo start at 950.00 , mine were 1250.00 shipped. tein cs coilovers. as far as syatem , sorry prices really vary their, i have my system installed and have pics in the gs gallery if u want to look hers a link.. http://us.lexusownersclub.com/gallery/GS?&page=2 but u can go through our club gallery and c diff set ups, the gallery is located at top of page to the left . good luck too u .

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I went way to much! The sky is the limit. If ou ask the Japanese the largest rim they would put on our car is a 19" I went with 20" chrome. My wheels are 245 on front with 265 on rear. I too have the 8.5 rim on front with the rear at 10. This is to help widen the rear look and still fit in the wells. It also makes for a sport look. The rear needs widening. I am into my rims and tires 3,800.00 rims very in price you realy need to look at what you want. I have a 2" drop as well. I went with shocks and springs. The ride is just fine but not as stiff as I would like for the corners. Systems? well....The sky is the limit. Start with a high power deck and get it installed right. Dash kits are not many for our car, so you may run into some crap that way. :o I would consider a little time and work to put speakers in the doors. The stock ones are small 4" or so? I wanted 6" at least to get any sound that was good and full. I have infinitys all around. I also replaced my sub....MTX I left the hole open in the rear and went with a custom box to fit in the back opening so the trunk still had space, and used the hole as a port. This helps get bass into the cab. You will find our cars are very well padded for noise. I hav a flip down Pioneer ( all silver ) I am into it about 1,100.00 or so...... Let me know if you have any questions :lol: LEXO

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I really don't understand your question....

I have a heavily mod'd GS and I have over 15 grand into it...

But are you asking how much money will it cost you to do the things you mentioned above?? I payed almost 5 grand for my rims, but you won't be spending that much..

I'd say if you want a bodykit, coilovers, dropin filter, rims, and a ok system you'll be looking around 8 grand right there....

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