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Es300 Differences

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I have been thinking of getting a spoiler for my 92

what i need to know is this

This spoiler is for a 92


and for a 97 onwards the spoiler is this


Would the 97 fit a 92 model? I see the bottom part of the trunk is bigger.. but the top and width from lip to lip must be the same surely?

these are cheap spoliers! but for the same price on this site i can get a spoiler for a 97 model with rear light and raised compared to the crappy 92 movel spolier they are advertising.

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as they say anything is possible and can be done with money

i am pretty sure they would say it would fit it it could as then tehy could sell the same part for 2 models meaning cheaper to stock and make

but anything can be made to fit

and i have seen a few es's with an led spoiler so it is possible to have the best of both worlds if that is what you are looking for

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i think it should fit fine. the trunks on the '92-'96 are quite wide. i haven't compared it to the '97-'01, but seeing my granddad's '99 for 3 years, i'm pretty sure it's about the same size.

but i would try and find a '99-'01 ES and compare rear end to rear end.


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