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Rx300 Electrical Problems


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I've recently had a problem where there were clicking sounds coming from my RX300, I unlocked the door and the alarm light and dash light were flashing on and off in conjunction with the clicking sound. I tried to start is and it wouldn't do anything but the flickering stopped until I released the key, it was as if aliens had taken control, the interior light, dash lights, and radio lights were all flashing on and off, the head light also flashed on and off. When we jumped it with booster cables it starting and worked fine. About two weeks later the battery was dead so I had it replaced and just the other day the same problem happened again.. Any ideas? :chairshot:

The Alternator checked out fine, and the lights are turning off. I'll check the door pin, that's something I hadn't thought of...... thanks.

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did you get your alternator checked?

Have you made sure your auto turn off of the interior lights and headlights are turning off?

It may be draining the battery by not turning off.

It could be the drivers door pin not extending and retracting properly causing the ecu to think you never left the car .

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