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Rx400h Delivery Date And Reservation List?


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Does anyone know the delivery date for the 2005 RX400h? I've heard (from dealers) anywhere from Dec04 to June05. A couple dealers also noted that the 400h will be a 2006 model (skipping the 2005 model).

Also, the reservation list for some of the Lexus dealers range from 10 to 80 people who have put down deposits for the new model. Are you on a list and how long is the list to-date?


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In California, the date for start of shipments I'm hearing is between January and March. The larger volume dealers I've spoken to seem to be more on top of the information and they are saying Feb/March.

Of course, it has slipped once (from the orignial Fall 2004 to 1st Quarter 05) so it could slip again. :(

I've also heard that they may introduce in different states at different times so California dates may not mean anything to New York.

None of the dealers in Sacramento are running a real list so I've put down refundable deposits at two of the large volume dealers in California (in hopes that large volume guys will get the best supply). Both of them say the will sell at list - no dealer mark-up. The dealers not running lists also say they haven't decided about mark-up. So it looks like I will end up traveling to a dealer 150 miles or 400 miles away to get my car when the time comes.

One of the dealers has a $1000 deposit and that list is short - I was told I was number 7 and would probably get my car within the first month. The other dealer has a $100 deposit (which seems a pretty small commitment given the price of the car especially since it is refundable - you are giving up a buck or two of interest at most). Their list is about 110. If they all hang in there, I probably wouldn't get the car until summer. They are the closer dealer and with such a low deposit it may be that a lot of them drop off the list when the time comes, so I threw my name in just in case.

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I am number 15 on one dealer's list and on an e-mail notification from another. As a backup. I am also on a hybrid Highlander list (#2). Thus far, I have not heard anything other than January 05 for the first RX400h and maybe March before my reserved RX is in. The dealer suggested that I may be able to get one sooner if someone higher on the list refuses a color that I prefer, but I won't be betting on that happening.

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Those of us on the waiting lists have made them appear longer than

their actual length. Two of the posters on this subject

have taken 5 spaces on the waiting lists. We can assume others have

also taken spaces on multiple lists. Those at number one position

have had the longest time to take spaces on other lists.

As the first 400Hs arrive, the lists will get shorter very quickly as the

ones at the top of the lists use one space to buy their car and

relinquish their spaces on the other lists.

I would not dispair if I had position 15 on a list.

However, anyone wanting anything other than a fully loaded

model, should expect to wait. Lexus will send the more profittable fully

loaded versions first. As for colors, Lexus knows very well what

colors people want, and will send the right mix. One should not worry

about waiting a long time to get the right color.

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Actually if it goes like the Prius, it will be the people waiting on fully loaded cars that will be waiting. The top package of the Prius, #9 is the most popular. Lesser packages even sometimes sit on the dealers lot unsold...

People are willing to pass on a lesser optioned Prius and wait 10 months for a #9. Gotta remember its the tech people that love these cars, and they want all the toys.

I don't know if there is one, but I would contact a Lexus dealer in West Virginia. Waits here were 8 months on the Prius, I called a Toyota dealer in WV and had a car in 3 weeks exactly like we wanted down to the color and package.

Any dealer that is not running a list will be charging a markup, you can bet on it. You don't want to do business with people that charge a markup or would even consider it, thats price gouging and its not ethical. I refuse to do business with any dealership that marks up cars past list.

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Thankfully, none of the dealerships I called is going to charge a markup. When I was looking for a Magnetic Red Corvette in 01, I had to order from out-of-state to avoid paying a markup or retail and 01 was the fifth year of production for the C5! My backup is the Highlander hybrid because I really don't want to spend $50,000 on an RX.

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