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Rims For Es300/ Body Kit

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I was thinking of doing the body from extreme dimensions, which is a knockoff , of the discontinued Jap. Kit. And also a set of rims, at the end of this summer.

I was wondering, has anyone bought this kit? Hard to install/mold ect? Do pieces need to be cut?

What are the largest rims that can fit on a 97 es300..stock?

What do you all suggest... I was thinking of 17 IS300 Chrome Rims..

I dont want to sacrafice the lexus ride and comfort for looks. If switching the rims from the 15>to a larger size/different sidewall... is it going to ruin the ride?

Hoping to get some imput...and suggestions...like...what size tires/rims to go with... and what tires are best ect... Should I get low-profile or...

Thanks in Advance

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the jdm kit isnt discontinued..

but anyway.. the extreme dimensions kit might need to be shaved to be fitted correctly and maybe reinforced since its low quality fiberglass

about the rims.... largest you can go is like a 19x9 with the perfect offset, i personally have 19x8.5 on the front and 19x9.5 on the rear with 245/35/19, 275/35/19 respectively

to fit the is300 wheels youll need to have like a 5mm spacer

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hoe your rims don't fit.

They stick out and rub like a mad man, so saying they fit because the bolt hole align it meaningless since you can't drive hard or carry anything or one anymore.

i know my rear rubs... it sticks out less than 1/4", i have 19x9.5 in the rear, thats why i said 19x9 with the perfect offset.. the 19x8.5 in front clear perfectly

the ride is alright and its quiet since the tires i have dont produce too much road noise.. however, i want my suspension to be a lot stiffer than it is now

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fm 901's are great as are toyo t1-s'

great overall traction and noise

17 is a good size to make it simple and overall little problems with sizing

get a 43mm offset and a 7.5 rim with 225 width tires and you will be perfect

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