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Ac Starts Engine Dies


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Something really weird I came across just yesterday on my 91 LS400.

I was driving and Pushed the "auto" button to turn on the AC...my car made some rumbling scary noise and halted there. The engine died. I had turn off the AC, and re-start it again. This was repetable every time I started AC.

Have no clue on what happened suddenly?? Anyone experienced this before?


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When you drive with a/c on but without the auto feature on, does your car make a whining like noise? If so you have bad compressor. Otherwise, do you mean that you couldn't turn on your a/c at all? Everytime when you press the a/c button, an electric signal is sent to the a/c compressor clutch which engages with the drive pulley. If your compressor is bad, it will freeze up, haulting the accessory belt, thus stopping the engine.

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I had the same problem on my 1991LS400 - The AC Compressor was locked up.

i believe thats what new_owner's problem is. i've heard of and experienced this problem before on many different makes and models of vehicles. just like you, as soon as you press "auto" or "ac" (both will turn the compressor on), the engine simply dies. 10 times out of 10, it was a locked up AC compressor.

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