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97 Trac Blink Abs Solid After Strut Removal


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i'll try to be brief. had annoying squeak/grunt from right rear after the tires were balanced (not to mention a lost center cap at 48$). greased everything, no luck.

took off strut (no i didn't cut or break anything). brother-in-law fully compressed and released the strut a few times *upside-down* while i was calling around to see if, hope-of-hopes, a replacement existed in knoxville, TN. no luck. put it back on and squeak hasn't come back (4 days and counting). now the trad-off light blinks and the ABS light is solid. i've removed and cleaned the wheel speed sensor. disconnected the battery and reconnected. removed the EFI, and EFI1 fuses and EFI breaker from the block in the engine bay. removed the obd2 and trac fuses from the block under the dash.... and still the annoying lights.... thots anyone?

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dammit! i bought an OBD2 reader, and NO ERROR codes, NO MIL and NO I/M codes.its got to be the wheel speed sensor, or some connection to it (the immediate plugs/harnesses are intact, when i unplug it the brake pad sensor light comes on). and traction control is really inactive.

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Get an oem one

there are aftermarket ones though

you basically must have hammered somehint gand the abd sensor is sensative unless you didn;t plug it back in

They need a press to remove and install the new ones and are designed to seize in there once installed and are almost impossible to remove them without disintergrating.

Check your wheel hub bearing for play as it might be your problem also

does the light come on when you start the car or only after moving?

If there is any play at all get a new bearing as you will have to replace it later and then buy a new sensor again which will get expensive to do all over agian.

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thank you for the information. the bearing is solid. the magnet in the sensor was only showing a milimeter or two out of the sensor housing when i removed it, lots of shavings but the magnet itself was physically intact. the lights are there (trac blink, abs solid) after 3 second startup test, regardless of engine status or transmission gear. do you have any leads on the after market units? is the price enough to justify consideration or is it build quality?

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I can get them through my source @ Lexus. It may not be cheap, but they're OEM. Are you sure it's the Wheel Sensors and not something else?



Are there any Aftermarket Wheel sensors?

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to UCF3

whats the number?

and yes, i removed it and it didn't look healthy with filings and a cracked collar, also no codes plus warning light plus good fuses suggests to me that its a purely electrical short, not a more intelligent sensor malf (these things look like the bicycle speedometere eh?).

to skperformance

yep, going the OEM route. not feeling adventurous as i haven't even owned it a month yet.

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