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Question: Twin Turbos And Other Performance Parts


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What company makes high quality twin turbos which deliver high performance and produce a lot of speed for a 2001 IS300? Also, what else would I need in addition to buying the twin turbos? I know I need an intercooler but what kind(also high performing and of high quality) and what other parts would I need? One more question, what company makes exhausts that are also high quality and high performance(preferably making a loud sound). Thanks a lot.

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I don't think anyone is making a bolt on twin turbo kit for IS.

Best thing to do is go to one of the tuners who supplies everything you need for a stage 1, 2, or 3 turbo kit, complete with an engine management system to run with it.

One company with a good reputation and some really fast cars is Toymoto. They should be able to fix you up with all the power you want.


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