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Buying A 2001 Rx300


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Hey bama,

Just a couple of odd thoughts to go along with wwest. You probably should

get the maintainance records for the vehicle. At 70K, and being only 3 yrs old,

hopefully it's be well-maintained. Also, I wonder if they did the 60K service yet?

That's pretty expensive by itself. Next--- is the vehicle just coming off a lease.

If it's a 3 year lease vehicle--- seems like it's been driven a lot (depends---might

even have an independent mechanic give the vehicle a quick check. Might, just

might be worth it, before you buy it.


P.S.---- The price seems ok---- check the Kelly Blue/NADA for prices too.

Maybe look on EBay for something comparable----just as a point of


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Bama...PharmaGuy says it best. In a nutshell, the price looks to me like an incredible deal, but is it really? Especially if you have to buy a new transmission in a few weeks? Or an engine? The maintenance records will tell just how good of a deal you'll get. I always look at the condition of the interior, as well. If they don't take care of the inside, they probably don't care much for the other parts, either.

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