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Replacement Front Abs Wheel Sensor

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Have you tried looking up the cost of the Camry version?

The Camry uses the same part. I found a Raybestos part for $89.00 jobber $150.00 list. Part will be here tomorrow.

This all started with a torn CV boot. It was so old and cracked that it opened up and started ripping. Grease was slung everywhere. I decided to replace both axles and the front strut cartridges at the same time for my July 4th weekend project. Looked easier to remove the whole strut assembly and use the spring compressor off the car. Just needed to remove the ABS sensor as shown in the service manual. Ha ha ha. It was rusted in place and disintegrated in my hands when I pulled it out.

Now I can move on to the rear struts, fogged front headlight housing, bad taillight bulb, Oxygen sensor, front engine mount, dash bulbs, etc. :wacko:

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you might want to change the wheel hib bearing now also ,as they tend to slowly go bad , and yes as you alreayd know the abs sensor is in there for good to be never removed.

the reason why to changeit now is because the new one will seize in there again and when the bearing goes you will end up buying a new sensor all over again

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