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Extended Warranties


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keep taking care of it by doing what you are doing to keep it in "great shape".

If you chose to go the extended warranty route, read the fine print and the extra fine print very very carefully. Know what is covered and what is not. Know who can and cannot perform service work. Most of all, know what is you deductible and how often claims can be made within a specified time period.

I personally would put the money toward having regular maintance done properely.

Keep in mind the powertrain warranty is still in effect until 70,000 miles. You may be able to hold off until then as most warranty items are usually involved there.

Hopefully someone pro-extended warranties will chime in to give you an opinion, too.


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I've got a 200 GS300, 45,000 miles, great shape. thanks!

a 200?

a 2000, 2001, 2002 ??? please specify. I'm guessing a 2000 GS300.

also in your profile it says gs3000. just though I would point that out.

ok, ok, I'm being wicked picky tonight. Sorry. :blink:


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