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Turbo Speed!

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Well guys.....I got the SRT turbo tuned up, timed and added a AFC along with a new boost cotrl. My dyno read at 4200RPM 315 HP at the rear...... I am close to 9.2 lbs of boost. I need new plugs and wires! but when the ol girl kicks in ^$*&*% fast. I am out 7,800 or more at this point :( I say what the hell! :rolleyes: I need some other little toys to tune her better.....we will see how long the ol trany holds up! so far it's all smooooth :P AWJ how goes the battle with yours? all well? let me know your info if you read this. I will get some photos up soon. I am into the VIP Sedan thing from Japan.....The only thing I need is tons of pimpy fur! :o I guess from now it's on to the brakes! :blink:

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My baby is dormant sleeping under cover. She needs a new or rebuilt power steering pump and I suspect the tranny front main seal is leaky. My high boost dyno is at 353.x hp and 374 ft lbs. I think it is at 12 psi but not sure.

I've boosted to 19psi and now it is set at 6psi for daily driving wich is never. That is detuned according to the previous owner. I bought the car set-up already. I will redyno the car when I get a chance and try to squeeze 400 rwhp out of it.

What is your timing advance and a/f ratio? Your tranny should hold fine - I'd strongly recommend a torque converter and tranny cooler.

Not sure what I will wind up doing to it. The engine bay needs a little detail work and I will do what I can. But I want to get some track times first. So will probably wait until November to tear into it. I will be tearing the whole turbo set-up down and cleaning it up and rebuilding because I don't really have money for upgrades at this point. Then next season I'm going to run it all season and go from there. I'm looking for a limited slip differential as my next big upgrade. I have some supra TT calipers and rotors to install and a whole bunch of other items I'd like to hit like bushings and bars and suspension. It's a money pit. I should have some good numbers by October. There is another turbo lexus in my area that I will try to meet up with. I'll get pictures once all this starts going.

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