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Call Me Irresponsible....


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I've posted a number of messages concerning emblems, center caps, and related items on LOC. I've installed replated emblems, including the "LS 400" gold emblem on the right rear side of my LS400-which is not a standard emblem, but which I think looks great.

Recently, I lost an "L" emblem on my right rear center cap. Must have fallen off-not sure why. I found that replacing ONE chrome center cap with the gold emblem costs $60-plus shipping. I went to EBay, and purchased an "Alloy" center cap for $20. Took off the emblem, and installed it on the original chrome center cap.

But this made me think. Back in '97, a thief stole the steel hub caps from my daughter's brand new Subaru. So how hard is it to steal a center cap from a Lexus? Yes, it's an old car-but nothing comes cheap on a Lexus-as we all know.

So the other day, I spotted a similar 94 LS400 at Target. I walked up to the car, and realized that in 20-30 seconds, I could have all four center caps. Exactly what I wanted-with only a small screwdriver to "pop" the center caps. No locks, no disassembly, nothing.

So I went home, found an engraving tool that I've had for years, and ground the following into the back of each center cap:

STOLEN. Call 702 ___-____

I live in a very safe area, but it never hurts to be proactive. It can cost a lot to purchase replacement stuff for your Lexus-I doubt insurance covers such things, without a stiff deductible.. Trying to identify car parts without a clue=impossible. At the very least, maybe I can avoid seeing my center caps on EBay????

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i can pretty much say for sure that a really really sensitive shock sensor will not keep the center caps on the car. my friend has a 94 prelude (riced out) and he has a "Viper" system with the most sensitive shock sensor. popping off center caps can be virtually silent and will not produce enough vibration. could there be a way to somehow lock them in place -not permanent- and only you would know how to remove. maybe a tab glued in place that.... i dunno. theres got to be a way if it really concerns you.

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yeah even if you would be able to set your shock sensor to this level of sensitivity, alarm would go off even if some walkes by, i'm not talkin bout trucks or bikes....... or even rain or wind!!!. it really bothers me that my chrome center cups might get stolen as well. i'm having a hard time leaving my car on the street.

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i have a garage and when i go to work car is parked in the lot,what i mean is that sometimes when i go somewhere i have to leave it outside and this is really scarin:)

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