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Miss Firing After Engine Wash


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:( Okay...here's the story. I was washing my car this fine 4th of July, and decided to simply hose of my engine..just a garden hose nozzel. When I started the car and pulled into the garage, the check engine light came on when I put it in park, then I noticed it was ideling a little ruff. I turned it off, waited a minute and restarted, this time it seemed to be running on only 4 cyl. and had a few small backfires. I shut her down and popped the hood looking for anything obvious, but found nothing. I let it sit for a few hours, started it it, and it sounded fine, not even the light came on...so I drove around the block..it ran perfect, pulled in the garage, put it in park and the light came back on! Turned it off, waited ,re-started it and it's running terrible again!

Starting to panick!

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the distributor is that black opctopus looking think with all the wires coming out of it that go into ur spark plugs.....Take it appart and blowdry everything in there....never hose the engine like that. When you clean your engine u have to be careful with electronic components

if its just water it should be ok, it definitely sounds like your timing (distributor problem) so thats probably what did it....if it got really wet I would change the rotor too just to be safe...it slike 15 bucks in auto part ..its inside distributor

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