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Color Codes Or Names?


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I was washing my car today and BAM, new scratches. i dont even know how ANY gets on there cause i never scratch. Anywho, i have a touch up pen for the lower half color but now i seek the upper half. i dont know where i can look for the touch up pens' color name or code or even P/N. i would imagine going back to lexus or toyota and ask them to look it up but i rarely have time. just want to be able to pick it up at local auto stores if they hold them.

if you can tell the color from my signature(year 2000) let me know

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the codes should be listed on a plaque on the drivers door jam.

here are color codes for the 2000 ES:

051-Diamond White Pearl

1B2-Antique Sage

1C0-Millenium Silver

1C6-Dark Gray

1C6-Dark Grey

202-Black Onyx

3N6-Vintage Red

4M9-Cashmere Beige (my guess)

6R6-Grayish Green

I hope this helps.

Also, if you register your ES with www.lexus.com, it should tell you the color and the options that car came with from the factory.


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i went to kragen and they had it under Toyota 4M9. at first, it felt very watery when i applied it and it was kinda dark. but after letting it dry, the color matched perfectly. I'm thinking of getting the car waxed for the first time ever since purchased because of all the scratches i have painted. maybe the glossy look will make it shine once more.

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Looks like Cashmere to me too. Here's my ES in Cashmere; they look the same.


man I miss that color :blushing:

Hehe, I don't know why everyone hates beige(it's nearly invisible to rock chips, swirls, scratches, dirt, and the list could go on forever! lol), but like you, I love it too! :D


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