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My Rx330 Got Rear Ended..


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Got rear ended yesterday, thank goodness for the Wagg Bumper guards.

The wagg was pushed into the bumper and the drivers side quarter panel is sticking out.

I believe it would have been much worse if the wagg bar was not installed.

No airbags went off.

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Sorry to hear that, glad you're okay! No airbags will go off in a rear end collision.

The bumper guards sometimes do a service and a disservice. They protect the body from damaged, but being bolted to the frame they can make frame damage more likely...

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Dealers no longer sell fender or bumper guards as they would be liable for disarming your airbag system since the correct speeds would not be judged by the sensors rendering tehm useless and you in intesive care because the vehicle did not sustain the pressure of impact but forwarded the motion to the occupants causing them more damage than nessacary as the crumple zones, airbags and pretensioners could not work.

Glad you RX was sort of ok , but the risk to my family is not work a vehicle.

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