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Vibration (rattle) From Stop Until 5mph


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Hello all-

My LX 450 with 75000 miles, makes a rattling noise these days. It only does this when I start movement from a standstill. After a few miles an hour it stops. Although I can not hear it very well, I think that it is doing the same thing after I am coasting for a bit and then redepress the gas pedal. Any one had a similar problem before. It took it to the dealership and they didn't find anything. I have the feeling that my mechanic was a newbee.

I also replaced (myself) a head lamp for 9 dollars that he wanted to charge me 90 to replace.... I will only take it to Sewell from now on...

Thanks for your ideas...


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More info would be helpful Fish.

Where's the noise coming from? Front, rear, left side, right side?

Can you get a friend to stand outside and help pinpoint the location of the rattle?

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I had the same problem.

A bolt had fallen on to the engine brush guard. This cause a noise at a low speed. I could not hear the noise unless the LX was moving!

I took a RUBBER hammer and tapped on the brush guard until the bolt was found. Turns out there were two bolts.

I hope this helps.


ps. I still am looking there the bolts go:)

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I currently have the same problem with my 97LX and was told at the dealership that it is, in fact, the heat shield. I temporarily fixed the problem with a coat hanger. At the dealership, the tech removed the coat hanger and tightened the shield, but it is now worse than when it had the hanger. Now I am looking for a more permanent solution.

The cost for replacing the heat shield is about $350 + labor. A technician at the Lexus dealership said that removing this heat shield is another option. Does anyone have a view on this much less expensive alternative?


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