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Lugnuts Too Tight

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So i finally get evrything i need to change my tires and finally put my 18s on and then i try to take the lugs off and they are to freakin tight.i wanted to put my chrome on for the 4th of July weekend but all those tire places are closed.

These things are on there really tight,anyone know any tricks on getting them off?Anything will be helpful.


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You can try putting the tire iron on the lugnut and stand on it with all you weight. You may have to hop on it to give it more uph. Very IMPORTANT to loosen it the right direction or you will break the lugnuts off. "righty tighty lefty loosey".

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Get a piece of 3 ft pipe and slip it over the lug wrench. The added leverage should loosen the lug nuts. I keep a piece of pipe in my garage for "emergencies" like yours.

If you don't have one of those adjustable length wrenches, then the pipe is great. Just go to your local Home Depot, Lowes, or equivalent and buy some metal pipe that will fit somewhat snugly over your tire iron. The added should do the trick. I have the pipe and it works great. Sometimes you will find remnants at the store. You only need 2-3ft. They will run a couple of dollars.

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Breaker "cheater" bars make me nervous. Especially on the lugs. Most tire shops will loosen them for you. I took it over once and just had them break the lugs loose. I brought my iron and tightened them back up to spec. They did not charge for it and I offered the kid a ten spot for his time - he refused it. Drove home and took my wheels off. The body guy over torqued my driver rear way over. That is horrible for rotors.

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