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Ran My Car At The Track


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so i ran my car last night at the racetrack with a bunch of my friends...

1st run:

rt .507

60' 2.579.

1/8 10.954 @ 66.25mph

1/4 16.820 @ 82.11

2nd run:

rt .438

60' 2.650

1/8 11.102 @ 65.48

1/4 17.035 @ 80.99mph

3rd run:

rt .499

60' 2.588

1/8 11.032 @ 65.38mph

1/4 16.958 @81.01

all in all my car didnt do too badly considering i have a weird suspension setup, im rolling on 19"s that weigh like 40-50lbs each, hadnt changed oil for 5000 miles, my tires were rubbing through second gear, i had about 100lbs of bike gear on my rear seat, and i have valve leaks... lol

next time i run im gonna be rollin on stock wheels, no catback, an exposed filter, oil change, and no valve leaks... im expecting a high 15 or low 16... i want to be in the 13s eventually (waaaay down the line)

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