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Vin Decoder

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Is there a VIN decoder available somewhere?

I am looking at used RX330s. For example: JTJGA31U240012605

I know JTJGA is Japan mfg, FWD

I know JTJHA is Japan mfg, AWD.

The 2T2 is Canadian mfg.

What's in the next few that are of any importance? There was one "VIN decoder" on the net, which was excellent, but I can't find it again.

CARFAX preview gives what I noted above.

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i know there is a thread somewhere her aabout 2 weks old whic lists a few thing

try a search for it

also most of the vin is coded in Lexus' computer as most manufacturers as the it is a serial number with the attributes not link to a specific number but the whole number only

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Hey Raymond,

Here is an example of decoding a VIN (which is the best I can do)


The first character indicates where the vehicle was built (called the World Manufacturer Index or WMI). In our example, the car was built in Mexico.

1 = USA

2 = Canada

3 = Mexico

4 = USA

5 = USA

J = Japan

K = South Korea

S = United Kingdom

W = Germany

Z = Italy

Characters 4-8 indicates a vehicle description unique for each make and model of vehicle.

Character 9 is a Check Digit and must be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, or X. It is calculated using a mathematical formula for determining the validity of the VIN. In our case, character 9 is 7, so the VIN is OK. Also, the letters I, O, and Q NEVER appear in a VIN.

Character 10 is the Model Year Code:

B = 1981

C = 1982

D = 1983

E = 1984

F = 1985

G = 1986

H = 1987

J = 1988

K = 1989

L = 1990

M = 1991

N = 1992

P = 1993

R = 1994

S = 1995

T = 1996

V = 1997

W = 1998

X = 1999

Y = 2000

1 = 2001

2 = 2002

3 = 2003

4 = 2004

5 = 2005

In our example, the car was made in 1996.

Character 11 is the manufacturing plant code (can be a letter or number)

Characters 12-17 is the sequential serial number and it MUST be numeric!

I hope everyone has learned a little bit about VIN numbers now

Have fun!


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