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93 Es300 Overheating

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My 93 es300 has served me well, but now it is overheating. To start off I should say my ride has about 183k miles on it. But it had done me no wrong until now. Anyway, it overheats in a matter of minutes. 5 mins tops. I don't understand much about how to repair it, but here is what I noticed:

The fan is running unusually slow, but prior to the car doing this I had noticed a weird noice like if the fan was running way too fast. One thing that I must mention is that there is something wrong w/ the power steering, because it is leaking my oil out. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Would someone help me out and tell me which areas to test out or how to diagnose what the problem is? Thanks a bunch, I really want to get my car up and running again.

Many many thanks!!! :cheers:

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