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H&v Rating Tires

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Well....I refer only to the two back tires..both are rated V...however it appears as if the belting on one of them has shifted,or something,such that it's causing a audible 'Thumping'..so I'm thinking of replacing it with the brand new H rated spare....I know,I know...I should just spring for two matched tires....but I'm just inquiring!!!...so my inquiry refers to the replacement option...

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you would be putting 2 different tires on the car with different "load ratings" & speed ratings to start with (even if the tires are the same brand & model). Chances are nothing would happen, but why risk it? :unsure: The handling characteristics are different as well again due to the load & speed ratings (the higher the speed rating, the more reinforced the sidewall) so the car might corner well on one side because the tires are the same but the other will feel strange.


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