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Diy Oil Change


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How difficult is it to do a oil change on a 99 Rx. I just bought the car and heard some difficulties in removing the filter. I wont have jack stands/ramps, but can prolly get a foot of clearance under the car. Also, Mobil 1 syn will be the oil, got a filter sug?

thx in advance


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Mobil 1 synthetic 5w-30 is an excellent choice.

Mobil1 filters are superb. Toyota OEM filters are very good, too.

I prefer the K&N Gold filters cause of the molded nut on the bottom. It makes it a breeze to get on and off with a 1" socket instead of a filter wrench.

As for the RX. The filter is best accessed by standing in front of the vehicle.

Use a milk crate or something sturdy to boost you up a little. The filter is under the front exhaust manifold, angled down so the bottom of the filter is pointing up.

Poor location design if you ask me.

Just have a large basin to catch the drips. The plastic splash guard underneath the vehicle tends to spead the drops.


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Guess I would third it then? I use the exact same thing, and have gotten the same results as with the Red Line, and Royal Purple- which I ran for years. I did find that Wall Mart had the best prices for the oil. When I put it in my Tundra, I had an increase of fifty miles per tank of fuel around town.

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Amsoil compared their 5W-30 oil with Mobil1 5W-30. Results are linked on Amsoil's product information page. Guess they wouldn't put it there if it didn't outperform the Mobil1.

A Camaro near here changed from Mobil1 to Amsoil and gained 11 HP on a dyno. I'm getting up to 19MPG in my 4WD T100 around town here pretty regularly using Amsoil 0W-30, which makes me pretty happy.

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