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Oil Filter Location


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It's right under the exhaust manifold. If you know where the engine oil drain plug is located (passenger side, panel under car secured by 4 bolts), it's about a foot in front of that, and under the exhaust manifold. I'm sure if you stuck your hand down under the exhaust manifold from the hood, you'll feel it, but you can't see it. I removed the filter from underneath the car after removing something like 10 bolts/screws and 4 plastic push clips to remove a plastic panel. Wear gloves when handling a few of the panels. I think some are fiberglass.

Below (also attached for archival purposes), is a picture of the oil filter. Note the yellow object at the top left corner of the picture is the engine oil dipstick.



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Thanks bbRX. I thought they might have left mine off.

By the way, those little push clips. When you remove them do you have to replace them or can they be reused? I took some off the cover over the fan belts and can't figure those little boogers out. I wish they had just used a simple screw.

Thanks again for info.

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The ones I'm referring to are very reusale. A picture's worth a thousand words, so view the attachment for a simple howto.

BTW, if anyone has a service manual, please post the torque spec for all the bolts that secure the panels.


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