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New Wheels For Sc300


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I had enkei rs6 wheels on one of the 300's. Looked great. I've always liked enkei wheels. Other great brands are racing hart, nzo, hre, bbs, advan, kinesis, and the list goes on and on.

What are looking for - bling factor or performance or both? I like 17 and 18 inch wheels while others like 19 and 20. Chrome is not my game although I have a special incline for chrome NZO Halo's. Fitment is also an issue. Do you want a staggered set-up. With 8 to 9 inch width up front and 9.5 to 10+ width in back? Are you going to upgrade your calipers in the future? I've got a supra tt brake kit so I need to consider this. I currently have supra TT wheels in two sets for my car. In the future I will get some nice wheels for show but that is long off. I will give some sites you can go check things out at. The faq should have recommendations for fitment and I will attatch a diagram for offset explanation and such. There is an unlimited amount of options.

NZO distributor


discount tire direct


This is the rs6 enkei in 18" by 8 +45 offset.

I'll have to get the factory offset for the SC as I don't have it off hand. But 93-98 Supra offsets will work. Just tell the distributor of the wheels you are interested in what kind of car you are putting them on and they should be able to tell you what you need. If they can't, then don't buy wheels from them. Also, check classifieds at various sites for used wheels. I have never bought a set of new wheels. But - in retrospect, new wheels may be a better way to go. It all depends on the seller. I like to look in the classifieds at www.supraforums.com because there are always cool wheels for sale there.

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Update on offsets for the SC:

50mm - Perfect

45mm - Negligble difference

40mm - Noticable difference

35mm - Crap

30mm - Dangerous

Credit to London Bill

These are positive offsets, right? Also, with positive offsets, the higher the number the further out the wheel comes to the fender, right? And with negative offsets, the higher the number the closer the rim is to the chassis, right? OK. I want to put 18x9 on the front and 18x10 on the rear of my 92 SC300. How would a 37mm offset in the front and 43mm offset in the rear work? Or, should I go 43mm offset in the front and rear?? I'm getting Volk GTP's.



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Damn. It took a google search to come back to this thread. Ironically, I am now actively persuing the Halo's. Anyways, yes those are positive offsets. Those offsets you've asked about should work just fine. The list above is very general and while a 30mm offset probably does really suck, 35 may not be quite so bad. I'd expect 37 to be fine. I don't have the experience to say definitely. So go with 43 all around to be safe or pull the 37 in front and if it doesn't do what you want, you can pick up a spacer set. Or sell the wheels.

Gotta love google. ;) I was looking for NZO distributors and came upon this link. Craziness.

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rbelloff, My preference...is the narrow 5 spoke rims. Easy to clean all the brake dust. I have a SC400 with Enkei RP01, 16" x 7" 5/114.3 35 15.84 Silver. I also like the Voxx Matrix, 17X8 5-114.3 40HS Silver

Enkei RP01 can be found at 1010tire.com

Voxx Matrix can be found at discounttiredirect.com

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