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Removal Of A/c Vents?

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I am trying to take out my HU from my 92 es.

I took off the trim under the HU, then removed those screws.

I tried to take out the two screws inside the ac vents above the HU, but I cannot get the screwdriver lined up right, because the screw is pointed up, not straight out.

So, I need to remove the vents, but how?? I was told to pry out the vents, but I am not sure how they will get back into place if I do that? I really need help because the knob is getting loose, and I am afraid it will stop working all together soon.

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there are no screws on the vent it is just held in place by clips

it takes time

alot of it infact to remove the vents

it must be done slowly to make sure you don't break it

i think there are 2 above and below the vent holding it in place

then you can acess the bolts holding the ac / radio braket in place

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