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Wald Body Kit 2004 Ls430


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Has anyone seen up close the Wald body kit for the 2004 LS430?? I saw the pictures posted by MrSypher and I have seen other pic's but it's hard to tell how it really looks. I notice it's not too flashy, very contemporary look. I'm looking to get a body kit for my LS430 and I don't want anything really flashy but I don't want a boring look either. Also on Wald's website they mention they have sport replacement fenders but they don't post any pictures and a couple of shops I have called said they can get them but they don't have pic's either. Has anyone seen those too? I like the fenders that AutoCouture has with the integrated vents and I figured the Wald ones were similar.. One more thing, I want to put 22" chrome wheels the car, will 22"'s fit?? :ph34r:

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I have a 90 LS400 with body kit and 18" rims. It looks nice, but have you consider sacrificing your comfort. With 18", it's fairly rough, so I can't imagine putting 22" on. Also considering slowing down almost to a complete stop for every pot hole or bump so that your rims won't dent or crack. I'm pretty sure they are going to look great, but just wanted to warn you.

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