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Low Mileage Sc400


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Approximately what would you say a '92 SC400 with 24,400 mi. (driven very little in coastal CA by an elderly lady), in mint condition, well-maintained, is worth? What significant components could be degraded because of the age of the car?

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It depends -

That is really low mileage - and if it is clean then I'd ask for 12 grand bones at least. If the seller is asking less and I wanted the 400, I'd snap it up in a heart beat.

Age degradations - bushings, hinges, belts and soft seals. Electrical connections from oxidation. The power steering pump and water pump could be an issue - but not major for moderate mechanical work. Check the fuel filter and lines - brake lines (these should be fine but ya never know). Otherwise, I'd expect a car with this little mileage to be in great shape. They hold up extremely well.

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