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Repaint Lower To Match?


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I did a search, but found no answers.

My just-bought 99 is black with sort of dark silver metallic lower. Neither my wife nor myself like the two tone paint jobs (even though it kind of reminds me of Rolls-Royce).

I'm thinking of having the lower painted black to match the upper body. (Or even doing it myself :o) .

Has anyone else done the same? It makes me highly nervous, I don't like making an expensive car non-stock, as people sometimes suspect the car's been in an accident.



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Several here with black cars have painted the bottom black; I changed mine from dull silver to gold.

not just a simple spray job; all the 'plastic' panels on the sides have to come off. This so the new paint can go inside the closed doors at sill. Many of the fasteners will break--and they are fairly expensive--had $80+ on mine replaced. Assume '99 is similiar to '93 on this.

I did not remove ft or rear bumpers to paint; you will need to remove panels at grill bottom(behind) so you can mask off the radiator fans, etc--but there again black is what they should be but not glossy.

You will save much money if you will sand most of this first--I probably spent 3 days sanding--go down to about 260 grit; flat block all rock pits etc. Note that gloss black will show every defect and ripple.

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One of the things that sold me on my 92 LS was the monotone burgandy exterior. When I bought my 01 AWD RX300 it went directly to the paint shop to have the lower painted burnished gold to match.

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WOW--just went to your garage area !!! super mods.

Would you believe I haven't taken a good pix of the car [and me with a 4 mpixel camera!!] Guess I can tomorrow. did find the one attached.

Painted bottom gold('98 GS300-I think) to match the gold logos and stripes--but then I had to buy several new logos to make look NEW. Still need[want] a new one for the front. also have a 'LS400' logo at rear--also have gold Lexus exhaust pipes, and antenna nut--goes well with the pearl white[i think]; and the gold bottom ties every thing together--also don't meet myself. Now then, if I had your wheels,WU !!!!!

The chrome grill cost all of $25. and I love it. It is the strips that you put on over your grill. e-bay special--guy's location is Canada--sells for all models. Clear park lites also cost $25 and I love them !!!! best $50 I have ever spent.


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