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Closing All The Windows


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I can open all the windows by holding the unlock key. How can I close all the windows?

Tried holding the key to the lock position . Tried the holding lock, but that sets the panic off. Tried two times,

Anyone know how to do this.


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I dont think you could roll up your window with your key. The purpose of this feature of rolling down your windows with your key is to let hot air out on a hot summer day. So let say you're walking towards your car from a distance (ex. 50-100ft). and you let all the windows down. By the time you reach your car, the interior should be cooled and most of the hot air should come out by the time you get to your car.

You can opened or closed the windows by turning the key in the door and holding it as mention by "dms666 "

Another way to opeerate your windows is..... within the first 30 seconds after have turn off your engine and before opening any doors, You can still roll your windows up or down.

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