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Hid Conversion Kit 8000k

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:) Hi all,

Thanks to all of you guys for great info from this site, thanks.

I have few questions that I need good advise from you guys.

I bought McCulloch 8000K HID conversion kit for my 2001 GS 300

which it carry bluish color that I don't like.

I want HID with super bright white.

I found HID bulb called "8000K Diamond White" so I email them here is what

they reply to me:

The 9000K is Violet White.

The 8500K is Blue + Violet white

The 8000K is diamond white.

The 6000K is white and carry a little bluish.

I thought K rate is for different color so wondering could 8000K have two different


Have anyone have 8000K that carry super white?



I appreciate if anyone tell me good place to buy HID bulbs.

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The name is all just what ever the person who sees it calls it ,it means nothing

i had 8000k bulbs i hate tehm, i can;t see half as good with the 6000 or 5300 ones i also have.

the k means the colour not output

try ebay they have lots of bulbs prettty cheap

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don't get fooled by the names of the light color. Just concentrate on the K value.

The best usuable light output is 4300 - 4700K, but is a little yellow (like sun light).

The nicest light, but still very usuable is 5500 - 6000K, which is very white-ish.

Anything above that is blue-ish (7500 - 8500K) or even purple (10000K) and is only for looks.

Also, do not buy the cheapest HID bulbs you can find, but go for quality stuff.

The cheap bulbs are from Taiwan or China, and will discolor in 6 - 12 months (if they do not fail). Go for a big brand like Philips, Catz. or Bellof, and this time, pick the ones with the correct K value. :lol:

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