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Will '01 or '02 RX tail lights fit the '99 RX, without modifications?


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Hey guys, this is a really vain topic, I must admit.   As I mentioned earlier, I have purchased my dad's '99 RX300 and it's a fine vehicle in excellent condition.   Everyone in the family agrees, however, that the tail lights REALLY look awfully dated.  The rest of the car is outstanding and you'd hardly guess it was 24 years old, but those tail lights are pretty silly looking.

So, I've just wondered if anyone has any knowledge on whether the '01 or '02 tail lights are drop-in-place replacements, or not.   The light configuration is different which you can see from pictures, so I fear it might not be a direct fit due to the wiring, but I just wondered if anyone had specific knowledge.  Online, it's amazing how you can find NEW '01 and '02 tail lights and they aren't horrendously expensive.

Thanks for any input.




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You might want to check with the parts person at a Lexus dealership by asking if the part numbers are the same. You can also look at one of the OEM Lexus parts sellers. Just search for that title; you'll find a few, at least.

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