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Lexus Is Top's Again!

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Just found this intresting article everyone. A survey that put Lexus on top in vehicle quality for the 10th straight year :D Click the link to have a look:



Unfortunately, that hasn't been my experience.

Here are the problems that I've had with my 2004 ES330 in the first 9 months:

Passenger seat rattling (they replaced the entire seat)

Out of alignment on delivery

Driver seat back fell off

After being replaced with a new driver seat back, the replacement fell off

Noise on turning when you hit a bump

Blemishes on paint when delivered

Driver's seat doesn't retain memory settings

And, of course, the transmission problem.

I love my Lexus (other than the transmission), but it's far from the most trouble-free car I've owned.

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And has the backseat issue been safety recalled? It doesn't sound too safe to me . . . and to have it happen to you twice :o


I don't think it's much of a safety issue. What I'm referring to isn't the entire seat back. It's the trim that covers the back of the seat. On the 04 (and probably the 02 and 03, but I haven't checked), it has the pull out pocket for back seat passengers.

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Yup, my Lexus is built in Japan. You can tell if your is buy looking at the vin #. If it starts with a J, its made in Japan. If it starts with a 2 it's usually made in Canada, and most 1, sometimes 2, and 4 are usually made in N America. Maybe it was built on a Friday? Good luck bro!

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2002 ES300, 43,800 miles.

02 sensor, front brake TSB and right front strut assembly replaced (Boston pot hole I'm guessing). All fixed under warranty with no questions asked. Excellent service, loaners and waiting rooms.

I'm not surprised Lexus is on top.

I have a friend that bought a BMW around the same time I bought the lex. He's in the service bay almost every month for one thing or another.

My only complaints are:

1. the tranny hesitation, but I've learned to deal with it, other than that it is an extremely smooth and quiet shifting tranny.

2. Lexus service and parts are so exspensive if you choose to go through the dealership. (wholesale internet parts acquisition does help).


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