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Super Dirty Ac Cabin Filter

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Hey all,

I was just going through the manual today and decided to check my cabin filter for the AC. WOW was it filthy!!!! I could not believe it. There were little leaves and pieces of big leaf stems and soo much dust in there. It was nasty. So I decided to check Lexus-Parts.com to price one and I found out that it is a $50.00 filter!!! Damn! Maybe we should do a group buy on these!! :cries:

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I found a bee in my filter.  You can make one yourself with a $2 Home Depot airfilter.  Just cut it and retrofit it in place.

yup you can i read the how too also on this you can make about 4 of them for around 7-8 bucks or so ...you need to use a hepa filter.

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So get this...I went to Lexus today to go check out how much that filter was there. They had it there in stock for $40...I though lexus-parts.com's prices were cheaper for sure....but I guess that just goes to show that you always have to shop around. I still like the idea of making my own for $8. :)

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