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Automatic Power Window


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This is a tremendous forum to use. I used it before and it was extremely helpful.

My issue this time stems from the driver's side window which no longer operates correctly. All of the other windows (regardless if I use the buttons at that window or on the driver's side control panel) works well. However, when I push the button down for the driver's side window it does not function at all -- nothing happens!

Is there a simple circuit that I can replace or is this something that is going to be outrageously expensive to deal with.

If additional information is required please advise.

Thanks for your time in advance.

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I've had this problem twice on other cars I've owned, and the fix was easy, and the same in both cases. The electrical contacts in the window switch were dirty. I removed the switches from the door panel, disconnected them, turned them over, and using an electrical contact cleaner spray, I shot liberal amounts into the openings/seams, and activated the switch numerous times. Give the spray time to evaporate, reconnect it and try the window. You may have to do it two or three times to get results. If you are brave...it may be possible to pry the switch apart to do the job properly...but be prepared for tiny springs to toss tiny brass contacts about. There is danger of losing some of the bits or destroying the switch entirely. You can get the electrical contact cleaner at any Radio Shack or automotive parts supplier. You may find that the switch needs to be replaced, or that your problem lies elsewhere, buts its a good bet on where to start. Good luck.

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Thought of something else. Don't know the year of your car, but most of the Toyota/Lexus door switches just pry out of the door panel/arm rest using a screw driver that has been taped to prevent it scratching the panels or switch garnish.

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