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92 Bogs At Low Rpm's

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I have been trying to nail down a problem with my 92 that has so far stumped me.

if i lay on the gas the engine will hesitate and surge slightly until the tach hits 4k rpm. then it takes off with a sudden jolt of power.

it only does this if you are accelerating heavily (like over 50% down on the accelerator)

the problem is more pronounced when the engine has not fully warmed up but still exists at operating temp.

it exists at any grade of fuel. i ran 3 tanks of each grade in it with no difference.

my car has a new air filter, new plugs, new wires, new fuel filter. the tranny and gearbox were flushed 5k miles ago and the car shifts fine. it has 103k miles on it.

i want to take it to a dealer and see if hooking it up to the computer will shed any light on the situation. but I don't want to get suckered into "lets try this out" and have the situation not change.

to me it seems like it may be running rich. the only things i can think of are leaks in the intake (which i have inspected and can see nothing obvious) or perhaps the valves need to be adjusted. but thats all i can come up with.

any ideas?

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well, it's harder to detect this effect when the car is in neutral because you have to really stomp on the gas. making the time you are under 4k rpm pretty short.

i would have to say that i can detect the hesitation slightly...but the throttle response is fine.

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I am having the exact same problem with my manual transmission '92 ES300. I find the problem occurs more often when my fuel tank is below 1/2. When I am close to empty, it bogs even if I don't !Removed! on the accelerator. It is so bad (when almost empty) that my caar bogs after every stop sign, causing my wheels to squak!

If anyone can think of a remedy, it would be greatly appreciated!


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wow, you are truly amazing!

replaced the cap and rotor and the problem went away. a $14.72 fix!

it wasn't cracked, but the points were pretty corroded. it may have gotten wet at some point in its life...

i really appreciate you solving this prob...if you are ever in dallas, i owe you dinner :cheers:

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no problem

i have family in fort worth area but haven't been in 10 years atleast.

just need to try and localize the problem and see where it goes which is why i mentioned the tranny first

glad it worked , now if you could only convince my wife i am amazing


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cleaning a cap and rotor can help but you are removing metal used for electrical transfer which can cause carbon tracking from arcing over enlarged contacts.

for $15 by a new cap and rotor and get it 100% in spec and you will get better performance and milage , if needed check your wires and plugs also

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